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Grounds is a music venue where you can see groundbreaking, emerging and well-known (inter)national musicians and bands in the most diverse musical styles. At Grounds we go from Turkish folk to Afrobeat and from Latin to Sahara blues. With weekly concerts, Grounds is the perfect place to see the more famous artists in the scene live and discover new music at the same time.

In addition to programming live music, Grounds wants to contribute to the cultural climate in Delfshaven Rotterdam, by offering a stage for talents from the neighborhood and organizing or actively participating in local open-air events.

Grounds organizes, facilitates and actively participates in various neighbourhood events in Delfshaven. Examples of this are the Werelds Delfshaven festival, Wereld Wijde Wijk, Pop-up Zomerparade, Pilgrim Harbor festival and Delfshaven Festival. Neighborhood activities are the ideal events to connect local residents and to bring people into contact with music and different cultures.


Neighbourhood activities
Grounds organizes, facilitates and actively participates in various neighborhood events in Delfshaven. In collaboration with the Rotterdams Volkstheater, Grounds organizes and programs for the three-day festival Werelds Delfshaven and 5 Wereld Wijde Wijk editions per year. In 2020 we developed the Pop-up Zomerparade together, a mobile festival that takes place on various squares and through the neighborhoods of Rotterdam. Other neighborhood activities include the Pilgrim Harbor festival, Kadefestival, Singelsounds!, Besouk and Delfshaven Festival. Neighborhood activities are the ideal events to connect local residents, bring them into contact with diverse cultures and help them discover their own neighbourhood. Grounds participates in approximately 40 neighborhood activities each year.

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Coolhaven Collab

Coolhaven Collab is an alliance of art institutions that consists of: Maas theater and dance, Jeugdtheater Hofplein, Music Matters, Albeda, Codarts, Poundcake studios, House of Knowledge, SQ;Culture Hub, Couture 33, Lloyds Company and Grounds. It is our mission to provide space, literally and figuratively, to local young talented people. Together we connect talented young people with different disciplines in the field of performing arts (music, dance and theater) and we prepare them for the future. We give them space where they can experiment with professional guidance and feedback and gain (stage) experience.


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A unique musical experience for young and old where everyone gets to know different instruments from all over the world. The MultiJam is a program for primary schools (upper grade) that actively introduces children to making music. The program consists of a preparation for school and a performance morning in Grounds. During the performance, the children receive short introductory workshops on various instruments.


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Choro School

The Escola portátil de Música (EPM) was founded in 2000 in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) by professional choro musicians who wanted to pass on their knowledge for the genre. They have grown successfully in Brazil and also in the Netherlands EPM is committed to teaching the Choro and Samba styles. In this way they try to popularize and preserve the genre. The music is so rich, it deserves more audience. Podium Grounds contributes to this by facilitating the Choro school every Saturday during the lessons and/or courses they provide.