Trikosis & Legiana Collective

Pre-sale 17,50
(+ €1 service fee)
At the door 22.50

Date Saturday 09 December, 2023
Start 21:00
Doors open 20:00

Legiana started spontaneously on the streets of Switzerland, France and the Netherlands, where the Legianas found each other in a love of world music with poetic narratives and a strong groove. The singers’ voices blend naturally into harmonics and the acoustic instrumentation of guitar, violin, cello and double bass gives the band an organic sound. Their music incorporates traditional folk styles from all over the world, from sensual Latin rhythms to Balkan dance music to cowboy songs and sea shanties and their songs are sung in many different languages. Recently the band added a number of musicians to form Legiana Collective, which includes mandolin, diatonic accordion, bass ukulele and drums. True to their origins on the street, Legiana’s live shows are always lively and theatrical, breathing a love of sharing their surprising music with the audience.

Trikosis is a true party band that draws inspiration from traditional European and North African music, primarily from the Balkan and Klezmer cultures, but also from places like Italy, Morocco, and Turkey. The band performs a blend of original compositions and unique arrangements of traditional music, all centered around getting people dancing with a touch of punk and clowning. We achieve this mostly through a high dose of energy and humor on stage.

Trikosis has been performing for almost 10 years in various line-ups, accumulating a wealth of experience on diverse stages both domestically and internationally. Some of these include Paradiso Amsterdam (Netherlands), Crane Lane Theater Cork (Ireland), Fusion Festival (Germany), and Ferrara Buskerfestival (Italy). Trikosis excels in any location where dancing and celebrating are a must.”

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