221126 Roda da Holanda EN

Roda da Holanda represents an evening that revolves around Brazilian samba, dancing and connecting with the music and each other. What does that look like? The musicians are sitting around a table and you, as a listener, are standing at the table among countless others who are drawn to the stirring rhythms and melancholic sounds.… Continue reading 221126 Roda da Holanda EN

211217 Plankton Orchestra EN

Plankton Orchestra is an international, young cross-over orchestra of 20 people, ready to conquer the world. Their performances go from original compositions to re-arrangements of already existing music and covers of pop artists as well! During their performances, there is no boundary between musician and audience. Therefore the musicians need to keep their eyes, ears… Continue reading 211217 Plankton Orchestra EN

221027 Jolene EP release EN

| Please note: The support act is MarynCharlie and begins at 8:00 to 9:00 p.m.. JOLENE’s show begins at 9:30 p.m. Love is something universal that we (hopefully) all experience, but to describe exactly how that whole love relationship goes is and always will be difficult. Unless your name is JOLENE, then you know how… Continue reading 221027 Jolene EP release EN

230324 Samba Toure EN

Samba Touré is considered to be one of the best guitarists from Mali. He grew up in the Tomboctou region, and continues the musical legacy of the late Ali Farka Touré, the ‘king of desert blues’. Grounds will host him on Friday 24 March 2023. Samba Touré toured around the world with Ali Farka Touré,… Continue reading 230324 Samba Toure EN

22112 AKB + Sondorgo EN

Over the past 25 years, the Amsterdam Klezmer Band has created an international sensation with an irresistible mix of traditional klezmer, balkan, gipsy, pop and dance music. No wonder it clicks with Söndörgő, the Hungarian band that breathes new life into old music from the Balkans. Söndörgő created a storm at European festivals with spectacular… Continue reading 22112 AKB + Sondorgo EN

220918 Leenalchi EN

| This event is organized in collaboration with WORM Rotterdam South Korean music icons LEENALCHI have roots in eighties new wave, funk and electronic music. They use traditional Korean storytelling elements. They take them apart, re-arrange and remix them into a unique meltingpot. The seven-piece band comprises four traditional vocalists who deliver musical storytelling through… Continue reading 220918 Leenalchi EN

220903 Nacht van de Kaap EN

This year, Grounds is back at festival Nacht van de Kaap with the Grounds Biggest Dance Palace! Our stage contains a lot of energy and diverse genres: from voodoo rock to brass funk. So come to Katendrecht on Saturday September 3rd and party with us! Line up DeDe Priest & Johnny Clark’s Outlaws DeDe Priest… Continue reading 220903 Nacht van de Kaap EN