De hedendaagse leiders van Ghanese Highlife muziek zijn terug! Grounds is trots om Pat Thomas & KWASHIBU AREA BAND weer te mogen ontvangen. Highlife legende Pat Thomas, ook wel ‘The Golden Voice of Africa‘ genoemd, is één van de grootste zangers in de Ghanese muziekscene. In zijn carrière heet Thomas samengewerkt met de legendarische Highlife… Continue reading PAT THOMAS & KWASHIBU AREA BAND

Boubacar Traoré

The King of African blues is coming Grounds where he will perform his latest album, among other things. Now more than ever will Boubacar Traoré show that he is a vital connection between Mali and the Mississippi. on his latest album, Boubacar Traoré worked with American blues musicians to change the coloration of his music… Continue reading Boubacar Traoré


Now, on the 30th anniversary of Club Guerilla, Shantel is opening a new chapter on his never-ending tour under the heading: „Shantology // 30 Years of Club Guerilla”. Shantel ( Greek-German with Ukrainian-Jewish Roots) injected a multicultural sound into pop culture and became the audible face of a new music and dance culture worldwide. Celebrating the… Continue reading Shantel

Elektro Hafiz

The sound of Elektro Hafiz, reminds us of the hypnotic wedding music heard in the villages of south-eastern Turkey. When his mind-blowing energy, his particular state of mind and his overdrive-fuzz tones come together, you will be the one who should decide whether this is psychedelic or punk!Guitarist, vocalist and producer Elektro Hafiz loves to play with… Continue reading Elektro Hafiz


Get ready to groove to the electrifying beats of ROTEM – the 7-piece Nu-Disco sensation hailing from Rotterdam. With a nostalgic sound infused with a futuristic twist, this dynamic group blends heart-breaking ballads with danceable beats like no other. Inspired by the funky grooves of Earth, Wind & Fire, the mesmerizing harmonies of Hiatus Kaiyote, and the… Continue reading ROTEM

Roda da Holanda

Roda da Holanda represents an evening that revolves around Brazilian samba. It’s represented in the same way you can see and hear this music in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. Top musicians from today’s Brazilian music scene in the Netherlands gather around a table and start playing until the sun comes up. While they… Continue reading Roda da Holanda

Doctor Krápula

Colombian band Doctor Krápula is coming to Grounds. A powerful mix of Punk, Cumbia, Ska, HipHop and Reggae will make this an unforgettable night! Doctor Krápula is known for their explosive shows and have already shown this on festivals like Lowlands and Zwarte Cross. 5 nominations for the Latin Grammy Awards prove that this will be… Continue reading Doctor Krápula

230407 Santrofi EN

In Ghanaian Akan mythology, Santrofi is a very rare, brightly colored bird with four wings. It symbolizes prosperity, beauty and the power of song. Not surprising, then, that the band Santrofi took their name from this. Santrofi makes vintage highlife, funk and afrobeat and is a collective of well-known young musicians from the Ghanaian music… Continue reading 230407 Santrofi EN

230120 House Sessions EN

House Session is back at Podium Grounds on Friday the 20th of January! Every edition of this popular jam session is known for their cool performances and dope music. It’s comes as no surprise for those who’ve been to our jamsessions before: the right grooves, provided by our all-star band led by Bnnyhunna and drummer… Continue reading 230120 House Sessions EN