20211210 Valvetronic Brassband EN

| Please note: This concert has been moved from 10 December 2021 to 25 March 2022. The tickets you have received will stay valid! Valvetronic is a brassband from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, that tears the house down everywhere they play. Armed with 10 horns, drums and percussion they bring a show that’s bursting with energy.… Continue reading 20211210 Valvetronic Brassband EN

20211120 Tamikrest EN – evening

Attention: We decided to go ahead with the event. Hooray! However, unfortunately we are limited to host 100 people per concert. This means that there will be two concerts, at two different times. An Algerian band that comes into contact with Western rock artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Pink Floyd and Mark Knopfler?… Continue reading 20211120 Tamikrest EN – evening

2021113 Les Frères Smith EN

Les Frères Smith is a Paris based 11 piece collective specialized in Afrobeat and Ethio flavoured grooves. These music smugglers have been touring the French and European scenes for more than 10 years, always with the same blasting energy. Well known for its explosive live interventions. Les Frères Smith have combined funk and highlife, jazz… Continue reading 2021113 Les Frères Smith EN

20211112 Nadara Gypsy Band EN

The Nadara Transylvanian Gypsy Band from Romania brings an unparalleled roma spectacle that can compete with Taraf de Haïdouks, Fanfare Ciocarlia and Kocani Orkestar. Known and loved for their uplifting Roma Roots Folk with Oriental influences, Nadara is a welcome guest at festivals all over the world. Nadara is known for the best gypsy musicians… Continue reading 20211112 Nadara Gypsy Band EN

20221104 Los Paja Brava EN

Of course we celebrate Día de Muertos with ‘The Mighty Mighty Freakandela Distropica’ music from Los Paja Brava! This year on the 4th of November. Endless fun with dancing skeletons and spaceships, designed by Jamie Nee, grime from Cindy, and of course, the crazy vibes of the live music from Los Paja Brava. Get your tickets… Continue reading 20221104 Los Paja Brava EN

20211029 Moonlight Benjamin EN

Two years after the release of ‘Siltane’ the ‘Punky Voodoo Queen’ Moonlight Benjamin is back with a new album! The powerful and original fusion between the Caribbean voodoo melodies and rhythms, and the 70’s US blues rock; the shock between Moonlight’s powerful and rebellious voice and the tension of saturated guitars… voodoo trance in a new… Continue reading 20211029 Moonlight Benjamin EN

20211119 Islandman EN

| Please note: The venue opens at 19:00. From that moment on you may use the bar. Good tunes to get into the mood before the concert will be provided by DJ Kems Kriol. At 20:00 the bar closes due to stricter coronation measures. So be there on time! The concert will start at the… Continue reading 20211119 Islandman EN