At the door 20,00

Date Friday 27 October, 2023
Start 21:00
Doors open 20:00

This year we are gonna be celebrating Dia de Muertos again with Lo Poloko!! Lo Poloko is a collective of musicians whose roots run deep in mexican, chilean, spanish, italian and portuguese cultures that found each other in Rotterdam.

From Mariachi balkan brass and bombastic latin grooves to hyper energetic percussion, a unique combination of sounds designed to make you dance as if it would be the last day on Earth.

This celebration is a two day holiday that reunites the living and dead where families create “ofrendas” (offerings) to honor their departed family members that have passed, encouraging those departed souls to leave the land of the dead and celebrate with the living ones. Please feel free to bring your own “ofrendas” to the party and join us in this amazing celebration!


Having latin music as a core concept, their music is a perpetual search for new sounds, shredding countless different styles into Lo Poloko machine. Rock, Ska, Cumbia, Reggae, Balkan, Dub… they embrace them all!!


Support act by Ysa Bermejo

Ysa Bermejo @ysa_bermejo began her solo career in 2021, joining forces with the Greek-Czech producer Okkio in the city of Rotterdam, NL. Developing a sound that mixes contemporary genres such as hip hop, R&B and electronic music and finding inspiration in the roots of Latin and Spanish music, Ysa’s project delivers a strong energy that starts attracting the attention of important festivals, blogs and playlists around the world.

Ysa’s live performance gets people on their feet, singing, shouting and also dancing. She aims to challenge the audience and create connection, ̈this Spanish girl has a lot to say ̈ (Luminous Dash Magazine). Since 2021 she has collaborated with notable artists and producers, including Mucky (Black Eyed Peas, Sevdaliza), Ivo Statinski (Afro Bros, Alain Clark, Pete Philly), Bocafloja, Eskarnia, Carlitos_KO, Studio Null, La Cholandesa and more.

In her new album, that will be oficially released in November 2023, Ysa continues to evolve, diving deeper into the exploration of her identity in the urban and latin scene.

DJ Radio Scarab

Radio Scarab brings the summer vibes to Grounds! Imagine yourself in the jungle or in the Caribbean. You can expect a lot of dancehall, reggaeton, tropical music and trumpets.
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