Étoiles Électriques

Pre-sale 12,50
At the door 15,00

Date Friday 03 December, 2021
Start 21:00
Doors open 20:00

Due to the new measures, we are obliged to check for the CoronaCheck app QR-code in combination with a valid ID. More info

This Amsterdam based band combines Arabic, Kurdish and Persian music with funky pop. Contrasting worlds collide in a new kaleidoscopic sound. Infectious grooves and stomping Kurdish dances, unpolished, straight from the heart, hot and spicy!

Étoiles Électriques guarantees electrifying festive live shows. The singers will move you with their musical stories, their emotions do not require subtitles. Each song takes you on a journey; from mysterious improvisations to exploding collective energy. Dancing will be your only option!

The musicians, rooted in various musical cultures from the Middle East, have performed on stages in Damascus, Diyarbakir, Kirkuk or Lebanon. Now they’ve teamed up with three funky horn players, from bands like Gallowstreet, Chef’Special and Valvetronic, to produce a new sound. The first shows in 2019, including a sold-out Paradiso-Noord, were an instant hit! During lock-down they have created new repertoire. Now they are ready to conquer Grounds!