Karisma & Claudia Karapanou

At the door 7,50 / students 5,-

Date Thursday 04 November, 2021
Start 20:00
Doors open 19:00

Due to the new measures, we are obliged to check for the CoronaCheck app QR-code in combination with a valid ID. More info

We’re proud to cohost an event with flamenco, jazz and fiery rhythms. Karisma brings a fresh and unique sound to Podium Grounds!

Using flamenco rhythms as their point of departure, Karisma build on the extremely rich and elaborate melodies that have been present in flamenco for decades, always bringing their own personal flavor. On this occasion they have the pleasure of inviting dancer Claudia Karapanou as their guest artist.

Claudia has demonstrated time and time again that flamenco is most definitely a universal art form capable of being interpreted and shared everywhere and anywhere in the world. After a sold out concert of her own, Karisma are only too thrilled to have her share the stage with them – there will be moments to be remembered.

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