Moonlight Benjamin: ‘I sing to heal people’

Moonlight Benjamin is terug met een toffe show in Podium Grounds op vrijdag 29 oktober. In aanloop hiernaar toe doen we een interview met de Voodoo Punkqueen haarzelf.

How are you feeling about coming back to Grounds?
I’m so delighted! I can’t wait! I already performed there in november 2019. I have kept the memories of a very warm and great audience. I feel a special bond with the Netherlands: I’ve been there 5 times (2 times in Utrecht, 2 times soon in Rotterdam, and also at the Lowlands festival) and it had been great evenings, every time. The Netherlands is also the country I did my first live tv show. Can’t wait to see you again ! 

“I sing to heal people”

Moonlight Benjamin

What can people expect from the show on the 29th of October? 
After months of pandemic and lockdowns, you can expect a powerful show. We have a lot of energy to unleash! Also, you will listen to new songs from the 2020 album we never were able to present live on stage!  

The song ‘Papa Legba’ from the new album.

What feeling can people expect when listening to Moonlight Benjamin? 
They can expect to go back home, full of positive vibes and catchy melodies. But also something more.. as you might know, I’m a voodoo priestess, which means I am a healer. Voodoo is a white magic. Don’t believe US tv shows and movies. And believe it or not, some people come to me after the show to thank me because they feel healed of something, full of positive vibes. In fact, I say for years now that I sing to heal people. I’m glad I really do.

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