16 januari 2016



De Spanjaarden van LA M.O.D.A. (La Maravillosa Orquesta Del Alcohol) maken goudeerlijke muziek die ergens tussen de wereldwijze pop van Springsteen en de punk-ethos van The Pogues in zit. Het beladen album ‘La Primavera del Invierno’ mediteert op de tweedeling tussen de donkere en lichtere kanten van het menselijke bestaan. La M.O.D.A. is een band die de bezielde liedjes inkleurt met een rijk instrumentarium, waaronder accordeon, mandoline, saxofoon en banjo. Ze staan op 14 januari op Eurosonic Noorderslag en op 16 januari bij ons in Grounds! Komt dat zien!

La Maravillosa Orquesta del Alcohol is an original sextet that mixes acoustic music with accordion, banjo, mandolin and saxophone. We can trace their sources in folk, country and blues music, although their spirit lies closer to punk and rock&roll. They are from Burgos (better known as la M.O.D.A). After their successful first album in Spanish (‘¿Quién nos va a salvar?’), a 95-gig tour including a roaring performance at BBK Live Festival and three sold out shows at legendary El Sol in Madrid, the band is back with their new album: ‘La primavera del invierno’ (The spring of Winter). Recorded at Garate Estudios and produced by Santi García (Standstill, The New Raemon, Toundra), this second album by La MODA means a step forward towards the consolidation of a project that oozes authenticity. And that is exactly what these ten songs convey. The lyrics, the raspy voice and the accordion are still the band’s landmark but this album bears a renewed sound and instrumental and stylistic novelties.

‘La primavera del invierno’ is a portrait of a band that strives to find itself without losing the rage and the spontaneity in the meantime. Gorka Urbizu’s (Berri Txarrak) and María Rodés’ collaborations were the icing on the cake on an album that brings the impossible together: it is dense and easy to digest at the same time; it is more varied but the whole thing turns out to be more cohesive. Picture Bruce Springsteen playing with The Pogues or Yann Tiersen recording an album with The Clash. That is ‘La primavera del invierno’: honesty and passion

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