20 december 2019


Culture Unlimited Festival


Doors: 19:30
Start concert: 20:00

This evening is part of the Culture Unlimited Festival that takes place 3 November till 20 December in The Hague, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Leiden, Utrecht, Haarlem and Brussels.

In Grounds we have a line-up with beautiful contemporary music from Syria and Iran and Jazzy electronic music by Under The Surface.

The theme for this year edition of Culture Unlimited festival is Water, incorporating all of its history, practices and meanings for Dutch culture: Water to create collaboration to survive its ravages, and the creation of the first democratic institutions (waterschappen); Water as means of transportation and inclusion to all cultures; Water as inspiration and means of influencing communication.


New European Ensemble will play contemporary music from Syria.
Kinan abu Afach – A La Sama’i
Wassim Ibrahim – Syriac Fantasy
Kareem Roustom – Shades of Night

Trio SayeRoshan will play classical Persian music and feature a piece by Iranian Dutch composer Kaveh Vares commissioned by Gaudeamus and other pieces.

Under the Surface will rock grounds with their magical jazzy electronic sound. Sanne will sing and improvise, among other things, poems from the Gids magazine about water and rives.

New European Ensemble will join Under the Surface and Maya Fridman in fresh new improvisation.

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